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        Hemodialysis, Inc.

Welcome to Hi Online

Hi is an online educational website committed to providing quality and excel­lence in the area of education that directly affects Hemodialysis patient care. Our principal goal is to insure the  best possible treatment and outcomes for our patients.



  • Home Study Courses – 30 Contact Hours per Monograph*

                   Convenient —informative—at your own pace

  1. Principles of Dialysis

  2. Monitors

  3. Blood & Uremia

  4. Dialysate

  • Published Articles/Readings - Interesting and informative medically related articles.

  • Crossword Puzzles— Seven (7) puzzles are available on dialysis re­lated topics. Fun and entertaining. Answers to puzzles are included.

Hemodialysis, Inc. — Provider

710 West Wilson Avenue Glendale, CA 91203‐2409

 Voice: 818‐500‐8736— FAX: 818‐500‐9452

 Website: www.hemodialysis‐

CA BRN Provider Number CEP2359



                * A monograph is a writing, either in essay or book length, on a single or specific subject.